What is an Architrave Frame?

Traditional frame
Traditional frame

Traditional frames for interior doors in Africa consist of a simple wooden frame. It is erected on the construction site while the brickwork of the internal walls is build up against it. This frame endures all the elements while the house is being completed, including the weather, the wheelbarrow and lots of dirt. You can imagine that this frame doesn’t look too nice when the major construction work is finished.

Then the plastering and skirting still needs to be done. Looking at the picture on the left, you can see the complexity of the plastering work, going around all these little corners trying to make straight edges. That would have been a lot easier if the frame was installed after the plaster work is done…

Additionally, if you would ever want to redecorate and would like to have a different kind of door & frame, you’d have to break out the frame. The plaster and brickwork is laid against the frame, so you can’t but break your wall, with the mess and all.

What is an Architrave frame?
Architrave frame

Now, there is another way, which has been used for decades in Europe and the US: architrave frames. An architrave is a combination of pieces that interlock to fit around your wall as pictured on the right. We produce them to fit walls as thin as 75mm and as wide as 330mm.

The frames and doors are all machine made, ensuring a perfect fit of frame and door. That way our doors are better sound barriers, even more so if you order the optional sound-proofing seal.