What is a Fire-rated Door?

A fire-rated or fire door is a door which doesn’t easily catch fire, compared to a normal wooden door. These doors are often used in hotels and residential buildings as a passive protection in case of fire. The door doesn’t literally stop the fire, but it is made in such a way that it slows down the spread of the fire and smoke.

Our fire-rated doors are made to look beautiful and yet be efficient. On the outside you can’t tell the difference. The core of the door holds the secret. Our fire doors are made with an extruded tubular core, giving you a 30 minute fire rating. We have other fire ratings available as well, contact us for more information.

The fire rating has been tested by its manufacturer to comply with the European standards. Furthermore, all our products are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. We can send you the certificates should you need them.