Who is PAV?

PAV (originally PA Venter) is a shopfitting and banking specialist offering our clients a one-stop service for front and back of house design and installation. PAV offers a broad spectrum of design and drafting, and manufacturing in various materials and a number of product lines. PAV also offers warehousing, transport, logistics and installation services.

From conceptualisation to realisation, we aim to bring your brand to life. We have the capacity and capability to design, build and assist with the creation of the physical and conceptual development of your brand. From the start of the design process through to reengineering of existing designs in order to ensure and facilitate effective design, which in turn leads to the efficient manufacture, and finally installation of the finished product.

65+ years of experience in banking design, manufacturing and installation

Our reputation as a leading design, manufacturer and fitter, in not only the banking industry but the retail and hospitality industries, has been built up over the past 6 decades. With our years of experience and know-how from the designing and manufacturing we have established a machine park and staff, who together produce top quality products.

We have a portfolio of accomplishments both nationally (South Africa) and internationally (Africa).
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