Skirtings & Concealed Door Frames

MDF Skirtings – a wide selection of traditional and modern designs , sanded and primed , ready for final painting.

AGS Skirtings – stylish aesthetics for the design lover.

Concealed door frames – for masonary and drywall.
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Architects & Interior Designers

Would you like to incorporate interior doors into your design that will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your project, but will also add to overall quality and safety?

Pre-hung doors have long since been popular in Europe and the United States for their unique quality and installation benefits, but have been out of financial reach for the average home owner. Until now… Using state of the art technology, we produce doors that are not only beautiful and of high quality, but that are tailored for our African climate.

Explore our range of top-quality pre-hung, pre-finished architrave frames and doors and see how your design can be taken to a whole new level, without the associated cost increase you would expect. With our Western Cape headquarters in Worcester, near Cape Town, a branch in Gauteng and our experience with shipping to the rest of Sub-saharan Africa, we can supply you with top quality doors throughout Africa.

You can start using our door systems now, by downloading our AutoCAD block or Revit Family. Find out more here.

If you’d rather watch a demonstration, contact us now. Our Simply Smarter Doors presentation qualifies for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points.

Isn’t it time for the doors in your designs to become more innovative?


The latest trends in doors, frames and skirting involve the beauty of the concealed solutions.
Simply Smarter Doors offer this latest trend to you with our partner AGS

Doors for Your Home

Are you renovating or decorating your home? Added an extra building or room? Then you need to look at our range of doors! Our doors make your house look simply smarter. Because we use different frames than the rest of Africa, we are able to install a new frame and door in any house, without the need of a carpenter. We don’t damage the frame or door and pre-cut all the locks, hinges and handle openings, preventing flimsy workmanship on site.

Trusted for many years by banks and the hospitality industry, we are your solution for a simply smarter door.

Selling doors?

Are you a building merchant, or any building material supplier: How’s the feedback on the doors you are currently selling? Probably you’ve heard customers say: those doors are cheap and flimsy, or those doors are expensive and hard to get installed on site.
The hassle is over!

We are manufacturing Interior Doors from an excellent entry level quality to complete sets of pre-hung, pre-finished door and frame.

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Our Partners

Simply Smarter Doors’ philosophy of serving our market with door solutions of beauty, enables us to partner with the best companies within their industry. We believe that we have the design and manufacturing expertise and therefore found partners with the same vision and passion to create door solutions for the residential-, commercial-, hospitality- and wellness sectors throughout Africa.